Will Ereaders Such As Kindle One Day Help The Environment?

People using Kindle and other ereaders to read instead of the printed books, usf95zone magazines and newspaper are increasing. These wireless reading devices enable readers to download and store several hundred ebooks limiting the need for paper and therefore less need to cut down trees, the lungs of our planet.

Statistics show that there were three million ereaders sold in 2009 and it is expected that this figure will rise substantially in the coming years because the newer models have several good attractive features. Each upgrade seem lighter, slimmer and cheaper.

The important question is, does Kindle and other ereaders help reduce global warming and help the environment? Wireless Reading Devices may impact positively on the environment if ereaders are extensively used worldwide. If the demand for newspaper, printed books and magazines is less because readers want the digital edition, then the use of paper will be reduced. techmagazinenews

Ebooks, newspapers and magazines will be cheaper and cost nothing to deliver. Less printing and distribution means less CO2 release. Manufacturers release 168 kg. of carbon dioxide when they produce one ereader such as Kindle. A book production releases 7.48 kg. of CO2 (CNET). In other words after reading about 23 ebooks, you start saving on CO2 release. Between 2009 and 2012, ereaders could save 1.5 billion kg. of CO2, according to Cleantech.This is encouraging. renownednews

Annually 125 milliom trees are cut down experts say, for paper to be used in printing. Add in the conversion to paper, printing and transportation, one can easily understand why printed books have the distinction of having the highest carbon footprint for a single unit. Of the printed matter produced, about a third are returned to be recycled, thrown away or incinerated. xnxx

Sarah Rotman Epps, Media Analyst, says that currently ebooks are not having any positive effect on the environment. This will only happen when publishers print fewer books in antipication of increased eBook sales. As long as the volume of printed paper remains constant, there will still be the same amount of trees cut do techimpacter


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