Erectile Dysfunction Drug Review – Which Drugs Work the Best?

Erectile dysfunction is a medical term that sends men into a limp, natraj pencil packing jobs no pun intended. It refers to the inability of a man to get an erection in the face of sexual intercourse, regardless of the desire and intention to engage in sexual activity and the presence of sexual stimulation. Erectile dysfunction is a threat to any romantic affairs or marriage; the absence of sexual intercourse builds up the frustration of the man and his partner, resulting in a strained relationship. Moreover, erectile dysfunction causes a man to lose his self-esteem and self-confidence. It is without a doubt that erectile dysfunction must be cured. This article gives an erectile dysfunction drug review and looks into the general effectiveness of drugs in treating erectile dysfunction.

There are many drugs that promise deliverance from the damaging clutches of erectile dysfunction. The most common of these drugs is Viagra, cannabis blog so this is the first product to be discussed in this erectile dysfunction drug review. Viagra is the brand or specific name of sildenafil, a medication that has the power to produce an erection if taken at the right dose. Viagra comes as a pill. When the pill is swallowed, the sildenafil nitrate enters the man’s bloodstream and then attaches to the PDE5 enzyme in the penis where most of the chemical is released. When the man becomes sexually stimulated or aroused, his brain sends the message to the NANC cells found in his penis. The nitrate oxide produced in the penis then creates cGMP, which works to relax the arteries in the penis. Because the PDE5 has been released, the cGMP in the penis builds up, allowing the arteries in the penis to dilate fully. The penis inflates with blood and, thanks be to Science, the man gets a complete erection. Viagra enjoys an 85% success rate, but all cases, whether successful or not, report side effects. pestcontrolservices

There is rarely an erectile dysfunction drug review that gives Viagra a failing grade. However, it is a must to learn about the side effects it brings. Firstly, Viagra tends to have a spill-over effect. As Viagra blocks PDE5, it touches PDE6, the enzyme used in the cone cells in the eye’s retina. Many men who are patrons of Viagra report a change in the way they perceive the colors green and blue. Because of this disturbance in color vision, pilots are prohibited from taking Viagra 12 hours (or less) before a flight. In general, drug reviews men are advised to take Viagra at least an hour before sexual intercourse. Secondly, Viagra poses a problem to men who are taking drugs such as nitroglycerin for heart problems, particularly angina. Nitroglycerin is a drug that increases nitric oxide and opens up the arteries for better supplication of oxygen into the heart. When nitroglycerin and Viagra are taken together, the highly increased amount of nitric oxide and the blocking of the PDE5 enzyme can result in more heart problems. In fact, there have been cases of heart attack, stroke, and death. ammodepot

There are many other drugs that work the same way as Viagra does, and they also pose the same health risks. Common side effects include headaches, migraines, an upset stomach, and facial hotness or flushing. There is also the risk of getting a long-lasting erection, referred to medically as priapism, garden furniture which can be painful and can permanently damage the tissues in the penis when left untreated. These drugs may also produce an allergic reaction. Viagra is a prescription drug primarily because of its serious nature. Any reliable erectile dysfunction drug review will say that it is best to consult a doctor and seek expert advice on the options available for treating erectile dysfunction. Furthermore, with so many drugs claiming to cure erectile dysfunction, it’s only right to read not just one erectile dysfunction drug review but many others to find out which drugs work best. vipd3m


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