Cancer Gene BRCA 2

One interesting aspect of cancer research is the new discoveries being made all the time. One such discovery is the gene BRCA2 which only came to light in 1996. This gene which can be handed down from either your mother’s or your father’s family has been changed or mutated. Because it has been changed, this gene does not work as it should and so when a cell with the BRCA2 gene present divides, it may not do so correctly. genee

When cells are wrongly created and link up, a tumor can form. So therefore it’s important to know if your blood contains the BRCA2 gene. And you can find out quite easily by having a sample of your blood tested.

People who discover they have a BRCA2 gene may think they have been singled out. Why do I have a damaged or mutated gene? In fact everyone has some form of mutated gene or genes it’s just that the BRCA2 gene is closely linked to the development of breast cancer.

Now there are two important points to be made here and should be read and read again. First, if you have the BRCA2 gene you are at a greater risk of developing cancer and breast cancer is the most likely type. Second, not everyone who has the BRCA2 gene ever gets breast cancer or any form of the disease.

Now if you have the mutation present in your body, you are more susceptible to a cancer forming within your body. There is no guarantee a tumor will develop but because it is a possibility and a greater possibility than for someone who does not have either the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene, then that is the more reason why you should live the appropriate lifestyle.

Don’t give that mutated gene any help in its quest to start the disease. Don’t smoke, eat well, exercise sensibly and avoid alcohol.

So if a test shows the mutated gene is present there are certain steps you can take. Obviously regular screening is essential. Remember that the best cancer is no cancer but if it does occur, early detection gives you the greatest chance of defeating the disease and resuming a normal and healthy lifestyle.

Chemoprevention is another strategy which has been proven to help. It means the patient takes a drug such as tamoxifen which is designed to prevent the onset of breast cancer or, if the patient has recovered for the disease, to help prevent the cancer re-appearing. Studies to date have not involved large numbers of women with the BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutation and this drug. stylowakobieta

For people who discover they have the BRCA2 gene, it is important to remain as calm as possible and become educated about your body. The choices you make about your life and the possibility of the disease have been made by millions of women and so many have come through with flying colors. Think with a positive attitude.


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