Million Dollar Websites for Under $500! You Can Afford a Professional Website, Here’s How!

When I first started out in business years ago, I was taken advantage of more times than I can count by internet “business people” who did not fulfill their promises. Being the kind of person who likes to believe that people are basically good and honest, Webdesign you can imagine all of the challenges I faced in trying to determine who was legitimate. I used to dream about having a professional-looking website. I researched thousands of websites over the years to determine the perfect look and one that offered all of the bells and whistles. After talking with dozens of web-design companies and web “gurus” I was disappointed time and time again by the prohibitive costs involved for even the most modest sites. It seemed that the best-looking websites, the ones with all of the bells and whistles were not affordable to me as a start-up company. In searching, I found that sophisticated looking sites were upwards of $2,000 plus hosting.

There are some excellent template programs available online, or through hosting services and at your local software companies. However, early in my career I was not internet or website savvy enough to create my own great looking site from a template, and I needed hand-holding if I was going to learn to eventually manage my own site. My goal was to develop a striking site, one that looked extremely professional, enticing, colorful, offered a good number of tabs, maybe even shopping on line, and every service possible to make my site interesting enough to keep people amused. สล็อตpgเว็บตรง

Knowing nothing about Affiliate programs back then, how to link to other sites to get clicks, or what was really involved in jazzing up a plain Jane site, I began what seemed like an endless search to find a competent and reputable web designer; one who was patient and available to answer my inexperienced questions; someone who would actually respond in a timely manner. I needed and wanted someone who was ethical; someone who could help me make my dreams for a professional website a reality. Following my belief that we are often guided to the perfect people and just the right time, and nearly having given up on my quest for an affordable and sophisticated site, very late (or early in the morning) I came upon a very talented web-designer named Daniel. Was this to be another disappointing investigation and a bait and switch type of deal? To my delight it was just the opposite!

Late one evening I was surfing on the net, checking out businesses for sale when I came upon an interesting and very inexpensive website for sale on an auction site. It had the look that attracted me, and was intriguing enough for me to click for more info. In so doing, I began an online conversation with the person that turned out to be my personal web designer. He was straight-forward, answered my questions, told me how to check out his work; which I did before continuing to communicate with him. That is how it all started for me. Some of my business associates have other happy endings, but mine started out by shopping on an auction site.

It was years ago that I started out in business as a novice website owner and entrepreneur. I know now that it would have taken me many more years to have accomplished the success I now experience hadn’t it have been for Daniel. Not only did Daniel become my website confidant and personal guide through the terrorizing spaces and places of the internet jungle, but a wonderful compliment to my budding and now thriving businesses. That very first website has led me to develop a greater level of success at lightening speed!! Without his expertise, without his kindness, without his generosity I would still be pointing and clicking, fumbling and falling down…and probably being eaten alive by all of the internet paranoia! mobile-casino

For anyone needing an honest, incredibly competent web-master; one who will set up a website that looks like, feels like and works like all of the Million Dollar don’t despair. Please don’t be lured into thinking that you have to spend thousands of dollars to get the look and feel of success online. Here are several methods that I used in order to start out: You might try looking for businesses for sale on some of the auction sites, or talking to colleges who specialize in teaching webpage development. You might even talk to people at your local religious affiliation, or put a small add in the newspaper, or on line asking for help with your first website. There are some wonderful do-it-yourself programs available online and at your local computer stores. Some webdesigners even give free hosting, and updates. Check with all of your associations, senior centers, and high schools. Libraries also offer help and hold classes, so do park districts. There should be someone locally who can help you get started for well under the $2,000 price. There are websites designed to help the novice business owners. For under $400 you CAN have a fabulous website and one to help you make your dreams come true! For even less than that you can have a simple website and work up from there. Voicemodcracked


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