Monetizing Your Blog – Closer Look

Let’s look closer at the different ways to monetize your blog or website.
1. PPC Advertising Networks

As many of you already know, Google AdSense is probably the most popular option under this category, which doesn’t mean that there are no others to chose from. Basically what you need to do is – signup with the network and paste the code snippets on your website. Then the network itself will serve contextual ads, being either images or text which correspond to your website. For every click you will earn a certain amount of money. fusionblog

The success of PPC depends primary on the traffic levels of your website, which leads us to the click-through rate (CTR) and the cost per clicking an ad (CPC). Have in mind that the CTR might really depend on the design of the website, ads which are placed above the fold or merged within the content will be clicked more frequently.

Talking about the CPC, it only depends on your niche and the current situation with advertisers. Financial products, college related ads etc usually get a higher CPC, and meanwhile site like mine or any tech site get just a couple of cents per click. omegawriter

The source of the traffic is also important for the CTR rate. For example certain countries, including mine, are probably the worst ad clickers ever. We just have some natural ignorance about it, nothing personal, I was born that way. On the other hand organic traffic, the one that comes from the major search engines, tends to perform better cause the visitors were already looking for something, they found your site and might click on ads often.

There are some popular CPC advertising networks, that we will look closer at later.

* Google AdSense

* Yahoo! Publisher Network (YPN)

* BidVertiser

* Chitika

* Clicksor

2. CPM Advertising Networks

Similar to PPC networks, CPM is all about impressions. You get paid for a fixed amount of page views (impressions), CPM is the short for of Cost per Mille, in other words 1000 impressions.

Let’s pretend that your blog generates 500,000 page views monthly, and you have a banner with $1 CPM. You will earn $500 monthly only from displaying the ad on your site. The rate may vary, depending on the network, position and format of the ad. The better network you pick, the higher your CPM rate might be, also you will be interested to put the ad as top as you can on the page, that will help your CPM too. Another aspect of the CPM is the size of the ad, in pixels, the so called banners. For more info please visit these sites :-

Normally the CPM varies from $0,1 to $10 per 1,000 impressions. Keep in mind it works better on community sites that generate lots of page views per visitor, such as forums, magazines and so on.

There are some popular CPM advertising networks, we will look closer at each of them later on.

* Casale Media

* Burst Media

* Value Click


* Tribal Fusion

* Right Media

3. Banner Advertising

As stated previously, selling advertising space on your site is a very profitable monetization method, and the best of all is that you can determine your own rates. Will it be either a 120×600 skyscraper, a 125×125 ad space like mine, or a 720×90 leader bord, its up to you. However you do need a lot of visitors to get good advertisers.

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4. Text Link Ads

Text Link Ads are becoming less and less popular cause of the fact that Google will penalize blogers who don’t use the no follow tag on their text links. People still use them however.
5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing involves promoting a specific product or service and eventually earning commission whenever a referred user makes a purchase through your site, or reaching the seller site by coming from your site.

This is quite profitable industry with endless options to pick from. You like cell phones? Promote cell phone selling sites and cell phone plans, simple as that.


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