Meet the Amorites and the Man Numbered As 666

This group, race, tribe, nation, or whatever you like to call them built and resided in Babylon. They were aggressive invaders of every nation state around them including Sumer, Egypt, Mesopotamia and throughout the Mediterranean before conquering central Europe, Britain, danstheman Africa and Asia to the Indian border. They were enslavers, murderers and Islamic. Their chief god was the sun and they built ziggurats to worship it as the sun-star that bore the name ‘Ma-r-i’, which means ‘mother’s powerful eye’. Some men died on crosses at dawn to ‘marry’ her, thus the term. Women were second rate as they could not compete with her. This was the start of patriarchy.

Their next city of note was Mari, located 11 km northwest of Abu Kabal in Syria. Ninevah, another of note, was also focused on sun worship and is of roughly the same age. It possessed a library from which records were salvaged including stories of the great flood, creation in six days and other things related to the Old Testament.

In Italy they built their next Capital, Roma, the reverse of Amor. This was their most famous platform with their new name, Romans. Their vicious, cruel, freshandbanginfood and dominating ways knew no bounds as they raised cities of their enemies to the ground, slaughtered most of the inhabitants and enslaved those lucky enough to be spared. In Jerusalem the temple was destroyed as the gold and other sacred objects were seized and used to finance the building of the Colosseum.

Their empire became so enormous that there were 5 emperors required to control it when one, Constantine, rose to the purple. He connived and slaughtered his way to the position of sole ruler. The last Caesar on his list was Crispus, his eldest son, whom he had murdered on the grounds of debauching his mother-in-law. On his death bed the emperor ensured that all his relatives, except his surviving sons, fightingiron would be killed so that none could interfere with or alter the religion he founded.

That religion was the Roman Catholic Church that he established in 325 AD at the Council of Nicaea. He cunningly invented Jesus Christ, a fact noted in Revelation 13:13-18, to replace all other god-men, a ritual that normally took place at equinox, seven days after the Ides of March. He put Mari (Mary) into it as the Mother of God and by abolishing crucifixion he made his god the more important while maintaining connection to the old Islamic ritual. He altered the date of Easter to the full moon and made Sunday (the day of the sun) the holiest day of the week.

Constantine was an Amorite and an Islamite. He worshipped no one but himself and he considered himself the son of Apollo, officialmancave another version of the sun. He was heralded as the god whose word was law. Through the fake god he remained the most important one without threat as he controlled the religion. He built the Vatican over the temple of Jupiter as a parliament to increase his power through it and the bishops who oversaw the priests of the realm.

Towards the end of the 4th CAD Jerome, the ‘doctor of the church’, compiled and partly wrote the New Testament on the orders of Bishop Damasus. The main thing missing for unity was a text to follow and the format and laws to govern it.

Jerome’s diaries and letters survive in the Vatican archives. My access to them is through an author, Fray José, appointed by Philip II of Spain to research his life and times. There is also one of his diaries in the National Library of Australia. My research revealed that he took the order of mass, calendar, festivals, instruments, rituals, costumes and laws, pariswoman from the Islamic religion of Rome for the Catholic Church. The book of Matthew repeats these laws and introduces the sacraments of marriage and communion making it highly likely that it was written by him.

His diaries and letters confirm his translation of the Septuagint from Greek and his alterations and additions that brought some alignment between it and the New Testament. It was a work previously ordered by Alexander, the Macedonian king, via his satrap of Alexandria, Ptolomy. The latter gave the task to 70 men, thus the name. They took the writings from the library of Ninevah, such as the great flood, creation in seven days, and much more to include in it. They also added the prophecies given to Israel (not the Jews) which is recorded within for credibility.

These men were sun-worshipers identified as such in Ezekiel 8:16. They wrote in Aramaic and it was translated into Greek. Jerome added it to the New Testament and published the combination as the Vulgate. Many have added to the work since and the many translations have altered the meaning of most of the earlier work.

Constantine invented Jesus Christ, for which there is no physical or other evidence. There was also no Christianity prior to that time. There was, however, a large following for Chrishna (Krishna), the third person of the Vedic Trinity of India. records show that no Christians were ever murdered in the Colosseum.

This Christ was born of a virgin, Maia, and taken speedily to Egypt when his life was threatened by Cansa, the evil king, who jealously guarded his position as the ruling god. He returned to India at the age of 12 and his first miracle was turning water to wine. His death by crucifixion was followed by his elevation to heaven. This is the same story applied to JC in Matthew. That and Luke provide the only references to the birth of Christ and even then the two stories differ.

The Trinity God of the NT is in complete contradiction to the Spirit of the OT prophecies. Isaiah 45:4-8 clearly states there is one God and nothing else besides it. There are no devils, angels, and certainly no three parts to the god-head. Of course bibles were altered to camouflage these facts and it is important to stick to the King James version in order to establish the truth as stated herein. Constantine obviously used the Indian religion as a format for his new version of Islam.

My interest in resolving these things stems from memory of my reincarnation and a need to alter the way religions are promoting Islamic ideals as being from God. The CC was established on Islamic principles and the costumes used, the symbolism and the festivals, to say nothing of its gods, which are identical to those of Babylon, Nineveh and Mari, verify these facts.


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