Why You Need a Knife When You Camp

If you have ever been out camping, then you will agree that a camping knife is one of the most important tools that you can carry with you when you are going camping. It is handy and has many purposes some of which are listed below. worldofkink

Handy when making your way to the camp area

This is significant when you are charting your way through rarely used foot paths or through completely virgin vegetation covered territory. You will need the knife to cut through branches and bush. You can also use the knife to make trekking poles to assist you in walking by carving tree branches. These trekking poles come in very handy especially when navigating steep terrain. Cake carts

When venturing deep into a remote forest, a camping knife may be used to mark the path you used on your way to the camping area. You can inscribe distinct marks on tree barks or inscribe on softer rocks. By doing so, you can easily find your way back from the camp as well as direct any person that will be following you to the camp site. All campers can leave the camp area comfortable in the knowledge that the markings will guide them back to the camp site.

Uses in the general camping area

Once you arrive at the place you want to camp, a camping knife comes in handy in clearing the vegetation around the camp site. You may need to cut away bush, scrub, small trees and other low lying vegetation in order to create space for your tents and other camping equipment. You will also use the knife to create tent poles and tent pegs from tree branches, as well as to dig the holes for the tent pegs and poles. You may also need to quickly make simple tables and chairs from tree branches and the knife will help you cut and shape the different pieces accordingly. CAMPING

Uses in cooking

The camping knife can also be used as part of the cooking utensils. You will need a knife to chop food such as meat or vegetables during cooking. You may need the knife to cut bread and buns for your sandwiches. If you have carried canned food, the camping knife can also be used to open the food cans. If you are going to be using firewood to cook or even just for a bonfire, the knife is useful when cutting the branches you will need for firewood. Camping sometimes involves hunting and/or fishing for food. If you hunt for animal protein such as fish, you will need the knife to cut the fish and remove the entrails before you start to cook it. ghanabased dash insight

Minor repair works

When you are out camping, little accidents as well as wear and tear will occur and this can cause some significant damage to your camping equipment. Often you will not need sophisticated equipment to perform these minor repairs. A camping knife can be used to tighten screws or repair wooden joints. The things you can use a camping knife to repair can range from your sun glasses, camping bag, cooking stove, tent pegs or torch. microblading

Other general uses

The camping knife can be a vital instrument in the first aid process. This might be in the form of cutting a bandage into proper size or to cut off a piece of someone’s clothing during an emergency.

Considerations when selection a camping knife

When selecting a knife for camping, you need to ensure the knife is firm and durable. This will make it easier for you to cut branches and tough undergrowth-something that would be difficult to do with a knife that bends easily. Go for a long blade knife as this significantly increases the reach of each swipe you make when clearing bush. One of the increasingly popular types of camping knives today is the multiple piece knife. This is a knife that has multiple blades, a cork screw, a small pair of scissors, a bottle opener, a tin cutter and a file.


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