Show Glamour And Class With A Diamond Tennis Bracelet

The origin of the term “diamond tennis bracelet” is well known in the jewelry world. The popular American tennis champion of the 1970s and 80s, normzplumbing Chris Evert was known for her love of bracelets and habitually wore a thin bracelet of diamonds when playing. During the 1987 US Open Tennis Championship, she lost her diamond bracelet on court and requested that the match be suspended until she found it.

This was granted, and from then on the type of bracelet she was wearing became known as a diamond tennis bracelet. In fact many other tennis players took up her fashion sense, Gabriella Sabatini and Serena Williams, for example, also wear diamond tennis bracelets on court.

The design is a flexible thin chain bracelet consisting of a single row of matched individually set diamonds that simply exudes class and displays a timeless glamour and charm. At one time they looked a bit like a chain charm bracelet with inset diamonds rather than charms, Tennis lesson Singapore but now they are made specifically as ‘diamond tennis bracelets’ in a number of designs with diamonds set in a regular pattern round the diameter of the bracelet.

Chris Evert’s problem not only sparked off a new fashion trend in diamond tennis bracelets, but also gave rise to an improvement in the security of these thin pieces of jewelry. Because they are so slender and elegant, they are easily broken, and in order to prevent them from being lost, the Chris Evert experience (sounds like a jazz band!) gave rise to the fitting of security chains and clasps, whereby the bracelet is kept on the wrist if it is snapped.

In order to prevent any damage to the chain of diamonds, the bracelet should be sized correctly for the circumference of your wrist. The proper fitting for a diamond tennis bracelet is designed to reduce the possibility of breakage during normal use. There should be just enough slack at the wrist for one finger to be slipped between the bracelet and the wrist. If it is looser than that than that, it is possible for the chain to be snagged and perhaps break, and if too tight, then too much strain could be placed on it as your wrist flexes. You have to remember that diamond tennis bracelets are not big chunky things, but thin and without much strength.

In fact, contrary to what the name might suggest, diamond tennis bracelets are not meant to be worn during a match. Sure, rich players such as Chris Evert might be able to afford to wear them as a sports accessory, but not many of us have the cash to make on-court fashion statements. If you look at their design, you will see that tennis bracelets are elegant pieces of jewelry, more suitable to be worn as evening wear with an elegant gown than for everyday use. Their price reflects that and it is for that use that you should retain yours. Do not expect to wear a diamond tennis bracelet for everyday use. What other diamond jewelry do you wear every day, tennis class Singapore other than your engagement ring?

Your diamond tennis bracelet is a beautiful piece of jewelry intended to be worn on special occasions. Do not let their name fool you; they have little to do with tennis, but a lot to do with fashion, elegance and a display of taste and standing.

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