A Hawaiin Cruise – Why You Should Sail Off Into Paradise

Hawaiian cruises continue to top the popularity lists amongst the most favored cruise holiday destinations and it’s not hard to understand why. Hawaii is a veritable treasure trove of fun, book a cruise sun and sight-seeing highlights and a popular getaway for those seeking warmer weather to get away from the cold months of winter.

Hawaii is made up of seven main islands; Hawaii, Maui, Oahu, Lanai, Kauai, Niihau and Molokai and each one of them a worthy destination on their own.

First time cruise holidaymakers to Hawaii are often confused about whether to take a package which encompasses all of Hawaii or shorter trips which take in one or more islands at a time. If you have never visited the 50th state of the USA before then it’s a good idea to give strong consideration to an all in Hawaiin cruise.

Booking A Hawaiin Cruise Package

Booking a package which will take you to most or all of the main islands will give you the benefit of seeing what each destination has to offer. The disadvantage of course is you won’t get to spend more than a few hours at each stopover.

Maui, the second largest of the Hawaiin islands is always nearly at the top of the most visited islands but for inexperienced Hawaii visitors, don’t ignore the other destinations. For example, Kauai is considered the most beautiful of the main players made up of lush scenery with one of it’s biggest attractions being the Waimea Canyon. For those tuned into party mode then Oahu is your best bet.

Oahu is the commercial hub of Hawaii yet offers some spectacular scenery in the form of Koolau and Waianae ranges and for beach goers, well, one of the world’s most famous beaches, Waikiki awaits!

Finding The Best Hawaiin Cruise Deals

So how do you find the best Hawaiin cruise deal? For starters check with your local travel agent. It’s best to avoid peak travel times if you are on a budget because demand is strong and you will be paying more for your cruise. However, off peak times will give you some flexibility in finding the best deals as it’s in these periods when cruise lines may struggle to fill their state rooms. For more info plese visit here:- cruises booking
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Be patient and don’t book the first cruise you come across. Get on your travel agent’s mailing list and ask for updates on the latest deals. Cruise lines have some fantastic offers close to departure during off peak times simply because they need to fill their ships. They loathe sailing off with empty state rooms so in these situations, your patience will be a godsend. Your travel agent will be able to keep you abreast of of the latest offers.

Join the cruise lines mailing lists. Sometimes, dealing with the companies direct is extremely beneficial and you’ll be getting the latest offers “straight from the horse’s mouth” so to speak. A Hawaiin cruise holiday is perfect at just about any time of the year but during the northern winters, it’s a welcome relief of sun and fun!


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