The Magic Of News Releases: Free Publicity To Build Your Business

The easiest way to gain free publicity for your business is to send out a news release. Although it seems hard to believe, the news media are waiting for your information. It’s been estimated that 80 per cent of news stories originated from a press release.

Don’t stop at one news release. You should send out a steady stream of news releases about your business. Of course, not all the releases you send out will get the media’s attention. However, revisitall if just one release is picked up, you will get thousands of dollars of publicity, for free.

Here’s a step by step process to develop a media campaign:

=> 1. Create a basic release template

The first step in getting into the swing of creating regular news
releases is to create a couple of template files. I have two, one
for electronic releases, and another for print releases.

Creating basic templates ensures that you can write your releases
quickly. You can find templates for news releases online, at sites like PRWeb.

=> 2. Create a schedule to send out releases

Send out a news release at least once a month — if you can, send out one a week.

Create a schedule to send out your news releases, and mark the schedule on your calendar. If necessary, hire a writer to write the releases for you.

News releases help you to tap into that vast unexploited market
out there, of those people who have never heard of you and your business.

=> 3. Send releases to everyone who uses your services, not just to the media

In addition to sending out your press releases to the media, you should also send them to all your customers. It’s a heads-up for everyone you deal with about what’s happening in your business. Your current and inactive customers will be encouraged to send more business your way.

=> 4. Put each release onto the Media page of your Web site

Adding news releases to your site increases your site’s ranking
in the Web search engines, and makes it more likely that your
clients will be able to find you.

News releases are a basic marketing technique. They help your
business to grow with little effort. Write a news release a
month, and watch your business take off.

=> 5. Keep on the lookout for “news” for your releases

As you work with clients, read newspapers and magazines, and as
you go through your day, stay alert for material you can use.

For example, if you’ve just signed a new client, write a news
release about it. Not only is this good advertising for your
business, it’s also great (free) advertising for your new client. For more info please visit these sites:-

Please don’t forget that you’re not restricted to news about your
business, or local businesses. If you think something is
newsworthy, it’s news.

You can also package tips as news releases. For example, think of
the all UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email) which is cluttering
the Inboxes of business people everywhere. How do you deal with
spam? How do your friends deal with it? How do your clients deal
with it? Write a roundup news release: “The Top Ten Ways to Deal
with Spam” and send it out.

Remember: it just takes one news release to blast your business to instant success. Send out a news release today.

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