News Release Writing – How to Generate Much Publicity

Though the term news release, press release, or media release can be overwhelming, if you have the journalistic skill and flair, news release writing is easy. Here is a list of things you need to know to produce quality news releases which will generate publicity every time. Also the list can serve as a checklist of the must-haves of a news release should you decide to enroll in a news release writing service.

The basic parts of a news release are as follows:

1) Release time. This is found on the top of every news release and states the date of when the press release can be made public.

2) Headline or title. This is found in the middle portion of the page. It summarizes what the story is about. A good headline grabs the attention of the target audience while providing as much information as possible about the story.

3) Subheading or summary. This is optional and may or may be required. Choose between the two. This serves as a teaser and expands the headline to give the audience a peak of the story. For more details please visit these sites:-

4) Dateline. This includes the date the news release was made public and the place of origin. This helps in increasing ownership of the release by adding the element of proximity.

5) Introduction or opening paragraph. This answers the fives Ws (who, what, when, where, why) and one H (how) or five wives and one husband (for easy memory on what the introduction should contain). As much as possible use a style which will encourage the audience to read on. Try asking a question or giving a quotation. The more human element involved, the more appealing to the audience the news release will be.

6) Body. This expounds the introduction. Try to fit as much information without being overly wordy. The target audience always appreciates short and concise information. Provide details and proof to your claims by citing statistics and facts.

7) Boilerplate. This provides a background on the company or organization offering the featured product or service. A history and background is provided which enhances the credibility of the group.

8) Close. This tells the audience that the press release article has formally ended. This involves the placing of the symbols “###” or “-30-” or others. For additional pages, the text “more” can appear below.

9) Contact information. This ensures that additional information about the story can be made available should the need arises. This includes as much information as possible including name, telephone or mobile number, e-mail address, mailing address, or Web site URL (uniform or universal resource locator).

Bear in mind that a good news release is a good way of building a network of audience either by creating a buzz or generating immediate traffic and attention to a particular Web site. Therefore, quality stories can only be achieved by getting a good news release writing service which knows what they are doing and have the experience to back their claims. Finding the best and highest ranking press release sites is also an integral part of any successful press relations endeavor.


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