If Muhammad Were Alive Today, What Would His Priorities Be?

Muslim extremists claim to act in the name of Muhammad. Religious leaders, bterapiaberles both those who advocate violence and those who never would, often invoke the Prophet to underline their own views. But if Muhammad were to re-appear on Earth, what would his priorities actually be? The Muslim world has many more problems to deal with than cartoons drawn by infidels. Here is a list of four possible items Muhammad would give his attention to. coloradowebimpressions

1. The Muslim world is woefully divided

If Muhammad returned to his homeland today, he would find the Muslim world split into more than a dozen countries, countless ethnic and religious sects, uniquenewsonline and armed factions more interested in fighting each other than spreading Islam. He would also find wildly differing interpretations of Islam and several groups claiming absolute authority over Islamic teaching – from the ayatollahs of Iran, to the religious scholars of Saudi Arabia. This is hardly the universal caliphate envisioned in the 7th century. repcohome

2. Muslim countries have become playgrounds for westerners

Muslim countries like the United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi and Dubai) and Malaysia have increasingly geared themselves towards western investment, meaning two societies now exist in parallel: the Muslim society that lives under strict Islamic law and the consumer-crazed, western-orientated society of exorbitant spending, flashy hotels and pleasures of the flesh. This contradiction is far from what Muhammad had in mind. optimalremodel

3. Muslim elites ignore Islam

The super rich and extremely powerful rulers of some Muslim countries are able to ignore Islamic teaching and do whatever they wish. Emirati princes spend lavishly at foreign hotels and casinos, aslremodeling Middle Eastern billionaires indulge in all kinds of earthly pleasures and many Muslims living in western countries ignore the Qur’an altogether.

4. Muslims treat other believers poorly

From the deplorable conditions of migrant workers in Middle Eastern countries, to the active hostility between different Muslim sects, manguerose many Muslims do not follow the simple command that believers treat believers right. The poverty prevalent in many parts of the Muslim world and the failure of Muslim powers to stand in solidarity with oppressed Islamic believers (such as China’s Uighurs) would surely exercise the Prophet. 7mgg

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