Using Online Tools To Market To The Customer Next Door

Everyone knows that the internet has incredible marketing potential for every kind of business imaginable. Today, small and medium sided businesses are looking to the web to gain a competitive edge and secure a foothold in their market. Finding the right tools to market techsifts your business online can be challenging even if you love messing with technology. If you are like me and you don’t really enjoy sifting through ever changing the maze of technological toys – learning what works can be a very expensive and time consuming hobby. Discover which promotional tools will best help you harness the power of the web to promote your service or business without spending a fortune or pulling what’s left of your hair out! Techjunkien

I recently spoke to a group of small business owners who told me they were simply overwhelmed with the sheer number of online marketing tools that are available. More than a few had experienced technical headaches and less than profitable results. Some had decided that online lead generation just isn’t worth the effort. Don’t bail just because you don’t see results immediately – all marketing tactics take time to


produce results – including online lead generation. After all, your clients – for the most part – are local. So how can the internet help you generate leads who are essentially – people in your local area? By using the internet as a tool for making relationships and connecting with people instead of a marketing panacea. Unfortunately, many businesses that could substantially benefit from using online marketing tools simply give up too soon because of the never ending technical snags and sheer overwhelm.

How do you choose the right internet marketing strategy that really works for you and your business? First you have to understand the need of your prospects. One of the most effective lead generating tools is creating a special capture page that offers a free solution to a common challenge your target group faces. You can promote this page on a business card, postcard or in a local print ad. Create a page especially for these visitors and keep it simple and customer focused. Send them directly to this page – not through your homepage navigation. You can even create a mini site with a separate domain that’s easy to remember. Don’t forget that the person visiting your page is there because they have a pressing problem, NOT because they care about your business. They want to know how you can help them – and when. Internet tools make it possible to create a completely automated sign up, delivery and follow up system.

When a person lands on your webpage you have a brief but golden opportunity to capture their interest and their information. This may be the precise time they are looking to buy or just a preliminary fact finding mission but you can make a much bigger impression by creating a high value giveaway that helps them their problems. (And let you demonstrate your value and expertise)

Online tools make it possible to create this product once and have it available 24 hours a day and delivered instantly in real time. More internet technology allows you to capture prospects information and even ask a brief question or two. Now I know that everyone hates the idea of capture forms and yes, a large percentage of folks will simply click away. But if you focus on providing a really juicy irresistible free offer that is very specific to your target group, then plenty of people will be more than willing to trade their email for a solution to their problem or your expertise. This system is just one way you can utilize internet technology to enhance human connection and build better business relationships.


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