The Popularity Of 3D Animation Cartoons And What It Means To You

3D Cartoon animation has come up as one of the most endorsed technologies in today’s computer age. This is a form of graphic imaging which has taken over 2D or scale model puppets as well as drawings which were commonly known as “stop motion” animation. Over the years, there has been an ever increasing demand for cartoon movies as well as the use of 3D cartoon animation in the media for endorsement of brand names which has initiated better and more sophisticated imaging software’s in the market. kaufen sie k2 online

Before the development of 3D cartoon imagery, animation was carried out through the process of the stop motion as well as frame by frame technique. This required illustrations and sketches of cartoon figures that were prepared by the animator and then morphed by the computer in sequences. On the other hand, 3D carton animation is a much superior form of digital imaging where the cartoons are modeled on the computer screen with the help of high-tech software. This new technology has thereby made the whole process of animation highly efficient.

One of the major benefits of using 3D cartoon animation techniques in place of stop motion animation is that the former simplifies the whole process as the computer generates images of superior quality which has in turn made cartoon characters in movies more lifelike than ever before. Also known as Computer Generated Imaging (CGI), this technique is used in creating motion films as well as commercials in which cartoon characters are given a 3 dimensional look along with a human voice as well as a very interesting story line. anime4up

With the emergence of 3D cartoon animation there has been a major shift in the viewer’s preferences as children and adults alike have been thrilled to see their favorite cartoon characters come vividly to life on the screen. Some of cartoon characters which have become highly popular amongst people of all ages have been featured in movies such as Finding Nemo, Ice Age, Shrek, Happy Feet and the Lion King. There has also been a surge of animated movies that have portrayed a photorealistic animation of humans and include pictures such as Antz, A Bugs Life and Ratatouille and the more recent releases like the Incredible, Monster’s Inc and the Simpson’s Movie.

While there are numerous robotic and fantasy characters that have become popular amongst today’s computer savvy age, nothing has been able to beat the popularity of some classic cartoon characters which have been portrayed beautifully through 3D cartoon animation technology in movies like Aladdin, jiliko Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Tarzan, the Beauty and the Beast and many more.

So enjoy your 3D animated characters, movies and even commercials!

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